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Khiam El Khair (or tents for a good cause) is a committee of Cedars for Care organization that distributes food (raw and cooked) to families in need

Pduring the month of Ramadan, in addition to clothes and toys. Khiam el Khair also distribute gifts and food to 1600 families in Lebanon at Christmas, Al Adha and Al Maouled. The Genuine Tale Behind Khiam el Khair Date of Birth: Ramadan 1998 Objective: Khiam el Khair was established in 1998. The idea came up from a very small group of friends, who bothered with the overcooking people do during Ramadan, thought of distributing this food to the needy ( the clean leftover from friends’ suppers). The idea was then modified as we preferred not to distribute leftovers but distribute to the poor food specially prepared for them. The plan was to send the food to the less fortunate’s houses but was also retailored when Maher Chebaro (who has successfully done a supper for the needy a year ago), advised that we also have, along with home deliveries, a place where people can come and enjoy supper. The place was named Khiam el Khair to confront with the other Ramadan’ Khiams that used to give a wrong image to our Holy Month. The project finally was kicked off with the following activities: 1-Cook for the needy (started with 800 persons and went up to 2000 persons/day) 2-Deliver to needy’ homes cooked food 3-Receive 200-250 persons at Supper at the Khiam (Verdun-Beirut) 4-Distribute raw food and goods to families in different areas in Lebanon 5-Distribute sweets, clothing, and toys at Eid 6-Organize amusements for children at the tent In the first year, the tent was also open for prayers and Islamic nights (Madih), in addition to Al Kader Overnight and The Eid prayer. Khiam el Khair principles -Never say “I”, always say: it is God who gave it all… -The project is SOLELY for a good cause: no politics …no self-interest can mingle -No politician or whoever has the right to show up his/her name -Families invited are our guests and must be received as such, with uppermost respect and hospitality -Whatever donated must be distributed according to the DONOR’ S WILL -Khiam el Khair is a “roof” under which all parts of the committee can meet: Rich and poor, young and old, needy and donor, Christians, and Muslims… -Khiam el Khair aims to unify all Lebanese in one same project; This explains why we asked all NGOs, students, pupils and …. to give a hand -Never take cash donations from students and pupils. Asking them to buy themselves the goods (as per our list of needs) makes them more involved in the social experience. A side of the story we treasure: Ramadan 1998 started with no penny, and ended with no penny. Yet, the budget that was used during the 30 days was estimated to 600000 $. GOD IS GREAT!!!